Trojan BCI Grp 27TMH (Deep Cycle) Marine

Manufacturer Trojan Batteries
Battery Specifications
BCI Group27
Battery TypeFlooded
Battery ApplicationDEEP CYCLE
5 HR Rate AH95
10 HR Rate AH
20 HR Rate AH115
100 HR Rate AH
Capacity 25 amps200
Capacity 56 amps
Capacity 75 amps51
Length12 3/4" (324mm)
Width6 3/4" (171mm)
Height9 3/4" (248mm)
Weight61 Lbs
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Fishing pros, serious mariners and recreational boaters all know that a bad battery can spoil a great day, so they trust Trojan Marine products to deliver more hours of fun on the water. Major retailers and OEMs are discovering Trojan too! Trojan's flooded/wet deep cycle and dual purpose AGM batteries yield ideal performance and power for your boat. Trojan Marine batteries are designed to deliver maximum durability, reliability and performance. Handles enable easy lifting in tight spaces. Dual marine terminals allow you to hook up all your electronic gear.